A few basic metrics to keep tabs on how PRs and reviews are being used over time.

PullApprove gives you a high-level overview of how PRs and reviews are trending in your organization.

The idea here is not to measure productivity (a controversial topic), but to see whether applying PullApprove impacts the overall usage of code reviews.

What to look for

When you're getting started, it's important to consider how your organization worked before PullApprove, and what effect you want PullApprove to have on your review process.

For example, if too many people were being asked to review PRs, then you might be looking for the total number of reviews to go down as review requests get more targeted by PullApprove team conditions.

But if you're coming from an organization that doesn't do enough reviews, you're probably looking for the total number of reviews to go up as PullApprove starts implementing stricter requirements.