Read-only mode

When you first install the PullApprove4 GitHub App, it will start in a "read-only" mode.

This means that PullApprove will not send any commit statues, block any pull requests, or request any reviews, but still allow you to preview how PullApprove could work for your organization. This is a great way to experiment with PullApprove without affecting the workflow of your team.

  1. Log in to PullApprove with your GitHub account
  2. Connect a new GitHub organization
  3. Experiment with your configuration, or ask us to take a look
  4. Enable the full GitHub integration

Note that the app will ask for some write permissions, but we will not use them until you enable the full GitHub integration.

When your organization is in read-only mode, you'll see a yellow banner across every page related to pull requests.

Then when you're ready to fully enable the GitHub integration, you can turn if on from the organization settings page.