My work

A simple way to manage your pull requests and code reviews.

Dashboard for "my work" pull requests and code reviews

The "my work" tab will show you the pull requests you're involved in, and who they're waiting on.

The core feature powering this is turns.

Turns are managed automatically where possible (like when a review is submitted), but you can also manually change turns for any reason to make sure expectations are clear.


The "my work" dashboard groups pull requests into four buckets.

Authored PRs waiting on you

When you open a pull request, it will show up here until someone else has been asked to review it. After it's been reviewed, it will be assigned back to you to take the next step.

Typical actions:

  • Work on it! Sometimes the next thing to do is simply do the work.
  • Put it on hold. There are times when a PR can't be worked on, but should remain open. Put it on hold to move it out of view (tip: you should usually put it on hold for N days, so it doesn't get lost indefinitely).
  • Close it. It's way too easy to keep old PRs open forever. If it's not going to be worked on, close it. It can always be re-opened.
  • Change turns. If the PR is on your list, but you know it's actually someone else's turn to take the next step, you can move it from your list to theirs.

Authored PRs waiting on someone else

These are your PRs that are waiting on someone else to take the next step. Typically this is waiting for a review of some kind, but you can also change turns manually for any reason.

Typical actions:

  • Wait! If it hasn't been long, give them a chance to do their part.
  • Send a nudge. If it's been a while, send a nudge to remind them to take the next step. A nudge is anonymous (you can always make a regular comment if you want to be more direct). Auto-nudge can also be enabled at the workflow-level to send a nudge after N days.
  • Change reviewers. If you know someone else would be better suited to review the PR, you can change the reviewers.
  • Change turns. If you know it's actually your turn to take the next step, you can move it from their list to yours.

Code reviews waiting on you

When you've been asked to review a PR (by PullApprove or manually), it will show up here until you've completed your review.

When you submit your review it will remove the PR from your list.

Typical actions:

  • Review it! If you're ready to review it, do it!
  • Remove yourself. If you're not the right person to review the PR, you can remove yourself from the review.
  • Change turns. If you've done your thing or are waiting for someone else to respond first, you can manually change the turns.

Code reviews waiting on someone else

Any pull requests that you've reviewed, or otherwise been involved in, will show up here. This way you can keep tabs on conversations that may be unresolved or still relevant to you.

Typical actions:

  • Do nothing! Sometimes these PRs don't need any action from you.
  • Send a nudge. Is the PR stalled? Anyone can send a nudges to remind the author or reviewers to take the next step.

Daily email

An easy way to keep tabs on your pull requests is the daily email. This will be enabled by default for anyone in your organization who signs in to PullApprove.

The daily email will only include the PRs that are waiting on you -- authored PRs waiting on you and code reviews waiting on you.

Daily pull request update email

You can decide exactly what time the email is sent (and which email it goes to) so it fits perfectly into your morning routine.

Settings for a daily pull request update email